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2nd April 2010, 10:08
Hi everyone

First of all, can i say what a joy it was to stumble across this site. Absolutely brilliant. Over the past few months I've came across so many Amiga sites on the web, and it relighted my love with the machine, so last weekend dug out my old Amiga's - 1xA500, 2xA600 and 1 xA1200 (with accelerator card and HD). Also found an Archimedes A3000! Wonderful :-) I was a heavy Amiga user from 1989-1995 - nothing will beat those days.

Got me thinking. The machine i always wanted when i was younger was an Amiga A4000 Desktop. Sitting today, i have a nice big space beside my Apple iMac 24" and an Amiga A4000 would look lovely sitting there.

I'd like to put my a500, a600's and a1200 away for retirement and use the Amiga A4000 for reminiscing and to use as a long term project to get on-line, expanding and general Amiga playing.

Looks like A4000's are like hens teeth hence my advert here. Looking for an A4000 desktop, to sit alongside my aforementioned iMac - two classic machines in my opinion. A4000 must be UK Spec and either an 030 or 040. Not bothered about any additional expansion cards at the moment - as long as it boots up off an HD and into Workbench, and i can play games on it :-) Gives me a starting block.

I live just outside of Glasgow, and my preferable option would be to pickup rather than have couriered. Would travel as far as required for the right A4000.

So on the off chance anyone in the UK has an A4000 (and if available, a monitor) lying around they don't want, please get in touch with more information. :-)

Thanks in advance

2nd April 2010, 13:09
Sorry I am not selling an A4k but welcome to the forum and nice to hear an Arc user here. I also have an A3000 (not Amiga sadly) along with a RISC PC. Great machines they are too. :)
A4000's are far from "hens teeth" but they fetch silly money considering they aren't that rare.

Best of luck anyway. :thumbsup:

2nd April 2010, 17:01
Speak to Skilgannon - I think he's thinking of selling his A4000...

2nd April 2010, 19:10
A4000s aren't actually all that uncommon. In the last six months or so, I've seen plenty traded, both here and on eBay (including the one I bought) :-)

Best advice is just to be patient and keep an eye here and the Other Bay. I've seen three or four sell on eBay for what I consider to be reasonable prices, as well as a fair few here. (Which are reasonably-priced almost by default)

2nd April 2010, 23:32
Many thanks for the replies so far

3rd April 2010, 06:56
Speak to Skilgannon - I think he's thinking of selling his A4000...

just noticed your location andy! I thought I Wouldve been the only one from Dunfermline on this site! gid seeing a fellow fifer here :D

Cheers, justin.

Oh and hey colin and welcome :D

3rd April 2010, 11:46
@ Justin/ Colin...

There's a few of us in and around the Scottish central belt - there was talk of arranging some kind of meet (including a SWOS tourney) but it's never really taken off.

There's also an attempt to set up a user group (http://scottishamiga.webs.com/) but it's not really taken off...

I'd love a basic A4000 (nothing too fancy) but I don't have the to get a decent one...

Just need to wait and see - good luck in your search!