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29th December 2013, 22:17
Cheers Amibayers,

I'm looking for a Blizzard 1260 to let my Desktop A1200 rock. Should be in (close to) perfect technical and optical condition. Phase 5 or DCE doesn't really matter, but would prefer a rev. 2 from Phase 5. Clock speed isn't the most important factor, but wouldn't decline a 80MHz offer :D '060 mask ideally rev. 6, but would also accept an earlier one if it doesn't run too hot at the current clock speed of the card. Should have at least 64MB RAM, preferably 128MB.

Both PayPal and bank transfer (EU only) are possible.

Thanks for looking :thumbsup:

29th December 2013, 22:46
there is currently one for sale here: http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=55271

30th December 2013, 00:57
Aye, sir! Had a close look at this one, but decided that it's not a perfect match for me. Thanks for pointing me to this post :thumbsup:

31st December 2013, 14:06
Decided to get Skrondgar's Blizzard 1240 here: http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=55311 and looking forward to sending this nice card to a very interesting onward journey :D

9th January 2014, 20:17
The 1240 is on it's humble way to the mighty overlord of Blizzard resurrection and upgrades 8) the famous stachu - hopefully he can do his magic once again :thumbsup:

9th January 2014, 22:28
Post some pictures after getting the upgraded card back :)

10th January 2014, 08:03
I guess this thread can be closed then :)