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2nd April 2010, 17:38
I just got an Amiga 2000 but the joystick I got with it is garbage and the mouse is a little dodgy.

So I am looking for one or two joysticks and an Amiga mouse. I'd prefer the rounded A1200 style but as long as it works well, Im not too fussed either way.

US or Canada preferred due to shipping but if you have something sitting around, that you'd like to get rid of, give me a price and we'll see

4th April 2010, 21:38
I have two Amiga joysticks for sale on THIS (http://amibay.com/showthread.php?t=5578) thread :) But I'm based in the UK.

Obviously the total figure would be different due to the postage being higher, but please PM me if you're interested as I can look into what it'd cost to post them for you :D

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And I've just found out I've got an Amiga mouse too! Amazing what you find when you're rooting around ;) It's an old one, coming from the A600, but it's a Commodore original. I'll take a picture tomorrow morning!

If you're interested in the lot then I will find out postage to the US. I'll send you a PM regarding all this too, in case you don't see these messages :D