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30th December 2013, 17:34
Poor NTSC 2600 in a pal world !

I am looking for a small NTSC TV to plug my Atari 2600 rf output.

(edit after Salaxi54's response)
Original post:
I need a cheap VCR with NTSC tuner to plug my NTSC Atari 2600 RF output.
I think my 1084 Amiga monitor will by able to display NTSC output.
= NOT working

30th December 2013, 19:34
I don't want to sadden you, but your idea will most likely not work...
Let me explain: you want to connect your 2600 to the aerial of an NTSC vcr.
The vcr would still be NTSC, thus its' RF and Composite signals would still be NTSC. If your 1084 is an NTSC model, then all is ok.
But i suspect it's a European model, and thus you should forget it.
The C= Amiga monitors can actually display an Amiga NTSC's signal, but not the composite one, the RGB one!
What you need is a television that covers multisystem requirements and accepts NTSC RF.

30th December 2013, 19:40
Huum... So, 1084 monitor can't display NTSC composite signal :(
Thanks to warn me :thumbsup:

I will edit my post only for a NTSC TV