View Full Version : Sold C-Lab Notator 3.1-SL complete with dongle

31st December 2013, 10:40
I have C-Lab Notator 3.1-SL (Complete with dongle) and in excellent condition. I bought it new and still have the original receipt from October 1991. If I actually used it a half dozen times it would surprise me. It's possible it's 3.12, but it's been so long and I have no way to verify. There's even the sheet of decal/stickers. I'm asking $75 plus shipping. If I'm too far off on the price I'll consider adjusting it. I'd prefer not to ship outside the US, but if you're willing to pay shipping we can discuss it. I'm attaching a photo, if it's not visible or doesn't attach let me know and I'll try to update my post.


EDIT: Almost forgot, payment with Paypal.

16th January 2014, 10:11
I guess it's time for a bump. I'll probably try posting on some other sites. :)

5th March 2014, 03:33
If this is still available, I'd like to declare interest.


5th March 2014, 03:40
Hi Jon,

Its still available :-) It's been since January since I read the procedure on how this is supposed to go, so let me know if you have any questions etc.

-- Ryan

6th March 2014, 00:20
UPDATE: Item Sent / Money Received.

8th March 2014, 01:01
Thanks everyone, item was sold to user jeamsler