View Full Version : Closed Atari 4160 STE

2nd January 2014, 01:09
Up for sale and trade is an Atari 4160STE Fully loaded
comes with: Atari 4160STE with 4meg ram and TOS 2.06
Atari 314 double sided external floppy drive
Atari 1224 Colour Monitor
Atari 125 Monochrome Monitor
Monitor Master (for switching between monitors)
Ultrasatan External Sd card hard drive (1gb card included)
Internal SD card floppy emulator (no more floppy disks needed) comes with 16gb card
Extra mouse in box
Owners Manual
Atari 7800 gamepad (modified for the ST)
Atari Prototype Enhanced Controller
Atari TT enchanced keyboard (eliminates the mushy keyboard)
Atari ST mouse pad
STE has good DMA, a little yellowing above where the power supply is.
Everything is in perfect working condition.

looking for $500 + shipping + paypal fees

it will have to be shipped in multiple boxes, and selling as complete, not wanting to break any of it up (yet)

Local pickup is also fine.

25th January 2014, 15:28
sold locally