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30th June 2008, 13:43

1 - BattleHawks 1942
1 - Fighter Duel Pro Corsair vs. Zero
1- Fighter Duel Pro Parellel Adapter (Connect to Amiga to play Fighter Duel together)
1 - Falcon F-16
1 - Falcon: Operation: Counterstrike
1 - Falcon: Operation: Firefight
1 - Sublogic Flight Simulator II
1 - Sublogic Scenery disks (The manual only seems to cover all these but the numbers don't go in order)
1 - Scenery Disk 11 - Lake Huron, Detroit
1 - Western European Tour Scenery Disk - Southern United Kingdom, Northern France,
West Germany
1 - Scenery Disk 7 - Washington, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Miami
1 - Japan Scenery Disk - Tokyo, Osako
1 - Skychase (Seven different Jetfighters)
1 - F/A-18 Interceptor (Fly the most advanced aircraft of our times)
1 - F-19 Stealth Fighter (Micropose - Revolutionary Perspectives)
1 - Birds of Prey (Fly 40 planes)
1 - Kennedy Approach (Air Traffic Control Sumulation)
1 - Mission Con-Bat (Reconnaissance Game - Out-fly, Out-Con, Out-Wit, Out-Rageous!!)


1 - FALCON AIR COMBAT : A fighter's Guide to Falcon: The F-16 Flight Simulator(BONANNI)
1 - Flight Simulator Adventures for the Macintosh, Amiga, and Atari ST (A Compute!Books Publication)
1 - Flying Flight Simulator : Sky-high Adventure with the Macintosh, Amiga, Atari ST.(Microsoft Press)

Magazine - Flight Computing Catalog Volume 3, FALL 1990 - 100s of Aviation computing products.

BuyItNow - $152USD+shipping
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30th June 2008, 19:18
I'm sorry to reply to my post but the item had to be re-listed with eBay.

The new ButItNow URL is -
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Kin Hell
30th June 2008, 19:38

Please be quite clear about this. The rules are the rules & are in place for a reason.
Whilst dis-chord is not required in any vernacular, the AmiBay team would appreciate your co-operation with Regard to abiding by the rules.

Please feel free to peruse them again:

See the Section under, "What you cannot do on AmiBay"

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1st July 2008, 00:03
I'm sorry Kin, I thought that previously as long as it was an auction with fixed price buy it now that it was ok to post since Amibay users could buy it outright. I had posted on in the past, had the rules changed? I've been ripped off too many times in direct sales which is why I sell through eBay which gives me a little protection. I thought I was posting correctly by only listing my Buy It Now auction and not linking to all of my auctions. However, I've run afoul of the rules again.

You know, I think I might as well have you close my account and the post that I have in the recycle bin. Each time I've approached someone for "free" stuff in the bin, I've never received anything and I just can't seem to keep track of the rules here.

I don't want to make posts the violate the rules and give myself a bad name, I keep running afoul of completely simple rules.

Thanks for the help everyone especially Merlin who's been more than kind to me. See you on the flip side. -Nyle out.

1st July 2008, 00:37

okay this is my fault, I think i managed to confuse my dear Kinn in the staff forum... for this i am very sorry to both Kinny and you my friend,

As the rules are;

you are allowed a Buy It Now Auction link to eBay, however if that option be removed (by someone bidding) it becomes an auction, its then this would invalidate the rules... its cumbersome i know but we want to help members maximize there posibility of sale without inviting the nightmare of auctioning...

I just clarified this with rest of the staff and please accept my apologies on this Nyle, If you would change your post back to include the buy it now link, I or a member of staff will clean your thread up.

good luck with your sale (which is very interesting by the way!)

best wishes


Kin Hell
1st July 2008, 14:22
Huge Wobbly Dangly Ones!......

@ Nyle:

Humble apologies RE this abomination. I feel so Ember-assed! :oops:
Please do re-instate your Advert as you feel fit.

@ Zetr0

Thanks for clarifying the situation m8y. Humble apologies! :oops:

....Kin scampers off to read the site rules, ....again!