View Full Version : Closed Amiga os 4.1 system(SAM 440,μΑ1,Pegasos 2)

2nd January 2014, 14:04

I am looking for an amiga os 4.1 ready system.

Case can be a plus but I can locate one locally as well.

If anyone is interested in selling his/her system p.m me with offer.

2nd January 2014, 15:11
Drop a line to Akis. I think he was interested in selling the μΑ1 i sold him some time ago. He is a member either here or in Amigaplanet. I can assure you that the system he is selling is awesome, trust me!!

3rd January 2014, 08:59
I have a AmigaOne 500 system complete I am thinking about selling. This is a complete system with the HD video card, monitor, Amiga keyboard and mouse. 4.1 update 6 installed. Interested?

3rd January 2014, 10:57
P.m sent to DavidP.

4th January 2014, 10:18

Here is some background: Acube systems AmigaOne 500 bought in Feb 2012 and used about 30 hours total. It has the ATI Radeon 4650 LP video card upgrade and the regular HD, not the SSD option. I have installed through update 6 for the Os. It will come with the AmigaOne Keyboard, Amiga boing ball mouse, and of course the 4.1 software complete with manuals and I will de-register with Hyperion so you can register it to you. It works perfectly except the PSU fan does setup a harmonic which translates into a whine which comes and goes. I used some small rubber patches at the corner of the case to keep it quiet. It doesn't affect performance at all.
Reason for selling: I am slowly selling off my Amiga stuff and need the money for a 3D printer.
Price would be 750 Euro's plus shipping from Germany.

4th January 2014, 10:36
P.m sent to DavidP:thumbsup:

5th January 2014, 09:28
http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=55650 :D

5th January 2014, 20:54
Thanks all of you for the offers,especially DavidP for the incredible SAM460 but due to financial reasons,I will not buy an OS 4.1 System for the time being.:(

Mods,please close this thread.