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2nd January 2014, 15:53
I have up for sale an NTSC Atari XE with Percom Floppy drive. I got this from member locnar77 and just don't have the time to play with it. It comes with PIO cable and all power supplies. I have not tested the floppy drive (don't know the DOS)
Asking $100 USD plus PayPal fees for shipping to the USA and Canada ONLY very heavy floppy disk and power supply)
Asking $55 each for the Items separately plus Paypal fees and that also includes shipping to the USA and Canada.

3rd January 2014, 03:17
I have been informed by Locnar77, the following information to add to this listing:
The keyboard has been upgraded to a Touch type keyboard, and the Power supply is less than a year old from Best Electronics and is a re-buildible type.

11th January 2014, 21:08
Mods, can you temp. Lock this thread? I tried to fire it up today to test everything out and do a video, and the Atari seems to be dead (no light -nothing). I am not sure if it's the power supply or a fuse or what, but until I can get some time to figure it out, I wouldn't want to sell a dead unit to someone. Until i can get the main unit going, I don't want to sell the floppy drive either until, I can at least test that doing a format and saving a simple file.
UPDATE: It took a while (??), but it seems after leaving it plugged in for while,it works, so further testing needs to be done-perhaps a cold solder or something needed time?

20th January 2014, 18:15
Price drop and it seems to work just fine now. I went through all the diagnostic tests on the Atari and played a cart game. I also typed in a small BASIC program and it run fine. I left the Cartridge running (demo Mode) for 24 hours and no issues at all. At this point I am 100% confident that the base unit itself is running fine. I have not tested the floppy drive - Haven't found a list of the DOS commands yet.

4th April 2014, 16:57

20th April 2014, 19:13
Pulling this along with a bunch of other stuff at Midnight tonight MST if no buyers

21st April 2014, 08:15
mods please close this thread