View Full Version : Sold Atari CX2600 'Light Sixer' nice clean cond.

2nd January 2014, 16:55

I'm selling one of my 2600's, this is the 'Light Sixer' and in very good cosmetic condition, I've given the case a clean in soapy water and it's come up very nice.

It's working however there are some white horizontal lines on the screen, they wouldn't fine tune out so I'm not sure if it's my TV or a fault, RF sux anyway so I would recommend the AV mod :)

I will say my other 2600's don't have the lines but the picture isn't as clean so I guess it varies a little from unit to unit.

I'm asking 25 + P&P and selling as main unit only. I can throw in a set of paddles (need fixing but are clean) for free but I don't have any spare PSU's to offer.

There are no Games included.

Terms of sale:

Payment is by PayPal, Bank Transfer or Neteller. Buyer pays any associated fees
Overseas shipping is possible but at the buyers risk - If insurance is taken I will handle the claim in the event of loss/damage and will pass on any received compensation
I will accept returns on my items but return shipping is to be paid by the buyer regardless of the reason/s for return.
Unless otherwise stated prices are not negotiable
Unless agreed otherwise payment is expected within 24hrs after interest declared, I reserve the right to move onto next in line after this time frame.

If you do not accept my terms please do not declare interest.

2nd January 2014, 17:26

V busy right now but will be in touch later this evening with PM

3rd January 2014, 14:22
Payment sent along with PM including delivery details


4th January 2014, 16:35
Forgot to update, payment received yesterday and will be shipped Monday as promised.



6th January 2014, 11:58
Shipped! I tracking info on PM :-)
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8th January 2014, 10:38
Just arrived and pugged in, all working and in lovely nic:thumbsup:

On my way to leave feedback now:)

8th January 2014, 13:04
Awesome :D