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3rd January 2014, 17:56
Sold Tatung TC01 "Einstein" in original packaging with manuals and copy disks (originals were faulty when I first bought the machine; I went back to Dixons and made copies from another machine in the shop).

- Keyboard / computer unit
- Introduction to Einstein manual
- DOS/MOS Introduction booklet
- BASIC Reference Manual
- Hardware Reference Manual
- Copy 3" system disk
- Copy 3" games disk containing (as I recall) Chucky Egg, Gronks and several others.

GBP50 or near offer. Available elsewhere (Gumtree).

Accept payment on collection from WR11 (Evesham area).

3rd January 2014, 18:18
I take it you're not posting, and don't accept Paypal?

3rd January 2014, 21:46
I am interested if it can be posted.

4th January 2014, 00:24
I am happy to wrap it for a courier if the buyer arranges collection. The box is 66 x 51 x 18 cm and it weighs about 8Kg. I've never used PayPal but I'm happy to give it a try. Does it cost me anything?

4th January 2014, 00:33
I am happy to wrap it for a courier if the buyer arranges collection. The box is 66 x 51 x 18 cm and it weighs about 8Kg. I've never used PayPal but I'm happy to give it a try. Does it cost me anything?

Paypal does have fees but there are ways around it. You can ask for payment as gift for a feeless transaction or insist the buyer pays the fees.

A word regarding couriers - just make sure that any courier who is collecting is a courier you'd be comfortable with using yourself and package well. If this incurs the cost of packaging materials then be sure to charge what it is costing you.


4th January 2014, 00:58
PM sent for courier arrangements details. I will cover paypal fees etc.

Please post some photos.

4th January 2014, 01:17
Interested, 2nd in line.

4th January 2014, 02:32
Can I ask we please hold on this transaction...

The way I read it is as follows...

Original sales post was collection only..

Sir beakers query caused the seller to include a courier option, now if sir beaker had no interest whatsoever then he would not have posted at all...

The rules are not always black and white and in this unique case then I think the gentlemanly and community spirited thing to do is allow sir beaker first refusal..

So on this basis the line of interest which the thread should follow is...

1st SirBeaker
2nd Bebek...

I request you cooperate and follow this.

TC :)

PS... I actually was the first to come across this thread and if courier had been option I would have gone for it as i'm sure many others browsing too..

4th January 2014, 10:12
Actually I was 1st reading the thread :) 1 minute after posted, google what the Tatung TC01 actually was, looked at the wife then lowered my head like a puppy in trouble :D

+1 on what TC said good form if order is adjusted.

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Paypal is a good way to trade with, it's a safer way to transfer money and if a seller does not ship the item and just does a runner with your money paypal (as long as you pay the fees(not gift)) you can usually claim your money back similar to a credit card transaction.

also as your new to PayPal there is a fee to transfer the money to your bank, its small but also account for with in your sale unless you intend to use the funds from paypal to buy something else, PayPal is accepted at far too many places making it soooo easy for me to spend it :)

good luck

4th January 2014, 16:17
Thanks, I thought I might have missed out :).

I don't know how far Bebek got through with his transaction.
Sending simonsellick a PM now.

4th January 2014, 17:14
Sorry for causing any confusion by inadvertently changing the offer. I confirm that I will follow the priority suggested by the moderators.

It turns out that I have a PayPal account after all, left over from using ebay a few years ago, so I shall be happy to accept payment that way as long as the fees are covered. They seem to be 3.4% + 20p,

4th January 2014, 17:18
Thank you simonsellick, it is much appreciated as I felt it was fair as sirbeaker enquired about postage first..

You did absolutely nowt wrong and can I just say how great it is to have you here with us on Amibay.

Welcome :cool:

4th January 2014, 19:26
Hi simonsellick,

Just checking if you received my PM from earlier?

6th January 2014, 23:11
Thanks for you patience simonsellick, and apologies for my poor communication skills. The courier should be booked for tomorrow and I've emailed you the PDF file.

Thanks Bluesbrothers and TheCorfiot for you advice and help, especially with the couriers.

8th January 2014, 13:48
Item received and payment sent. Thanks for a smooth transaction.

Leaving feedback now. :thumbsup:

8th January 2014, 17:02
Payment received, thanks. Have fun!

8th January 2014, 18:00
Hi guys

Excellent job on the packing and the machine is in beautiful condition very well looked after too :thumbsup:

Sadly she is currently only displaying a black screen but I will sort that out with the TLC she deserves....

This is going to be a beaut you lucky boy SirBeaker....;)

I will add photos to the this thread of the work in progress and repairs...

TC :)

8th January 2014, 23:29
Thanks Simon and TheCorfiot,

I look forward to seeing the progress :thumbsup:

9th January 2014, 01:59
It lives :lol:
Full details tomorrow....

TC :)

9th January 2014, 09:13

9th January 2014, 14:32

Grab some tissues first though :lol: