View Full Version : Closed Dmac-04

dwight miller
3rd April 2010, 14:46
Good Day All,

I know, I know - Rare as hens teeth - BUT - I've got to ask. Is anyone out there willing to sell me a working Dmac-04? I know that it will be expensive, but will not go as far as selling my first born son.

I hope there is no blistering Silence. Please Let Me Know.

Happy Easter Too!

dwight miller
4th April 2010, 21:48
Blistering Silence - OK

How about a trade. Amiga 2000 gvp 030/50 with floating Math Chip and some ram - for a working dmac-04.

dwight miller
4th May 2010, 13:57
Won one on evil bay yesterday.

4th May 2010, 21:18
Hope it arrives soon and working, mate. Do you want this thread closed or want to wait if the chip is a lemon?