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3rd April 2010, 14:46
Hello fellow Amibayers,

After speaking with Zetr0 over the phone & discussing Fast RAM expansions for the ole A500.
I've decided to start experimenting with a spare A500 I put aside especially for hacking....(or Fubaring :lol:)

This A500 has the A8372A AGNUS on board which can have a max of 1MB chipRAM and being a Rev6A board has provision for mounting the extra 512K RAM directly to the Mobo, thus freeing up the trapdoor slot :whistle:

So not wishing to run the risk of desoldering & potentially damaging the chips from a working A501 board, especially as due to height restrictions they will need to be directly soldered to the Mobo again.
Does anyone have 4 spare chips or maybe a socketed A501 from which they can be easily removed & then soldered directly to the Mobo.

Chips are 4 off M514256A-80R (80nS)

Worth a shot I guess......:lol:

TC :)

3rd April 2010, 17:04
You have PM

Have a look here (http://l8r.net/technical/t-agnus-installation.shtml) & here (http://eabmobile.abime.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=13726&d=1177615199)

3rd April 2010, 17:28
Above PM was regarding proposed FastRAM experiment

Still looking for RAM chips

Thanks Chaps
TC :)

3rd April 2010, 18:04
I have four (512K TOTAL) spare ones 256x4 (70ns)

will work fine if you want them

my 6A board has soldered (70ns) chips

while my 8A1 board has (80ns) chips (probably to reduce the cost more)

3rd April 2010, 18:10

Thanks for the offer, will wait a few days to see if I can find any local first

TC :thumbsup:

3rd April 2010, 18:13

Thanks for the offer, will wait a few days to see if I can find any local first

TC :thumbsup:

OK if you don't find any bug me and i'll send them for free (you pay only the p&p)

I will have at least 80 chips (all with same date codes) in one week directly from Germany to replace the memory in every Amiga peripheral i have so i will have more if you need additional 4.

Siemens branded at 70ns

4th April 2010, 02:26

got you covered on the chips my friend (been searchin in storage today) there now in your box, with ROM's and a real of 30AWG =)


its very generious of you =)

4th April 2010, 10:38
Ah Thanks Zeets, That's most kind indeed my friend. :bowdown:

Let's see what we can do with the ole trapdoor then :shhh:

@Seaside many thanks for your kind offer fella :thumbsup:

Think I may as well close this thread then

TC :cool: