View Full Version : Closed Amiga 4000D mainboard or Complete A4000D/T

5th January 2014, 11:57
I am looking for an Amiga 4000D mainboard rev D or Amiga 4000 T rev 4
in perfect conditions ( working ordre )

shipped to Denmark

no need for 3640 cpuboard
no need for Daughterboard

! no rev B, are only interested in rev D
! no need for any CPU boards, expect phase 5 / Blizzard ppc boards

send me an offer as PM, Thanks.

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i am also interested in Amiga 4000D / T as a complete system

same condition ( working )
same mainboard ( rev D / rev 4

case can be yellow ... etc

( case are not be reused, i have pc cabinet + cnc )

7th January 2014, 13:02
close treat.
mainboard found