View Full Version : Wanted for Amiga 1200: LCD video adapter, and SDCARD IDE adapter

5th January 2014, 22:13
i am searching for:

1) a device that allow to connect the Amiga 1200 video output into a LCD common VGA monitor; i do not know what kind of device is that, you ought to suggest me what to use; note that I already have a RGB->VGA converter that i use with my Commodore 1942 CRT monitor, but it does not work (black screen) with my Samsung LCD vga monitor.

2) an IDE to SDCARD adapter, in order to replace the HardDisk (the internal one inside the Amiga 1200) with a memory card;

I never used those devices before, so i expect some suggestions from you.


6th January 2014, 09:06

1. Unfortunately RGB->VGA converter not enough you need Scandoubler / Flicker Fixer for example http://www.vesalia.de/e_indivisionagamk2.htm

2. I have something for you. PM soon

6th January 2014, 17:39

i am almost done for the IDE->CFCARD adapter for my Amiga 1200.

Instead, is anyone willing to offer me any RGB to VGA video converter for my Amiga 1200? I found out that there are some GB8220 or GB8200 adapter cards, but the result is not always good, and i want to know if they are usable only when playing video game, or also when using application programs of the Amiga OS (where crystal clear fonts are needed).

Thanks a lot,

7th January 2014, 16:41
I received payment
CF Adapter + cable + 4GB CF Card I will try to send tomorrow.
Thank You