View Full Version : Wanted 64 pin GVP SIMMs, any capacity

6th January 2014, 15:16

I am searching for some custom 64 pin GVP SIMMs, in any capacity, for putting them on some accelerators I have, in particular for one GVP 1230 JAWS which is currently "memory less" and I would like to put for sale.

6th January 2014, 15:41
I was planning on putting some of my spare parts up for sale shortly...

I have 3x 4MB GVP SIMMS that I will be putting up... If you can give me a day or 2 to sort out the rest of the stuff for my listing and get photos

6th January 2014, 16:00
Could you give a rough idea of the price? Thanks!

7th January 2014, 22:21
If I could buy 1 of your 4MB gvp simms I could run my gvp combo 030 in 32bit memory after 21 years... Declaring interest!

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8th January 2014, 13:12
I would be interested at least in the other two then :)