View Full Version : Wanted A4000D 040 and/or RTG graphics card (Seattle, US)

7th January 2014, 10:12
Title says it all- looking for a stock 4000D with an 040, and (together or separately) an RTG graphics card. I'm located in Seattle, WA-- so closer to home is always nice.

7th January 2014, 10:53
here is but not much close your home ...


7th January 2014, 18:36
yeah, sorry. I'd like to avoid high shipping costs and USD -> euro conversion inflation if at all possible by buying something US / Can.

this applies mainly to the 4000D unit- the RTG card I'm OK buying from wherever.

7th January 2014, 19:03
Mate i shipped in usa an heavy machine and shipping was not really hi
If you like this machine let me know and contact me thru pm ;) :thumbsup:

8th January 2014, 12:09
G' Day,

I have a few for sale, pm to follow.