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8th January 2014, 14:31
As offered in Chinner's Sale/Trade thread:


Spectrum +2a inc Scart & PSU for 40 + P&P. Payment received however thread created to keep the transaction above board so as not to hijack the other.

Will be shipped tomorrow as agreed :thumbsup:

8th January 2014, 14:32
Indeed. Looking forward to getting it :)

8th January 2014, 14:40
if you have any problems with scart on your set let me know,i know a fix for it.

8th January 2014, 14:55
if you have any problems with scart on your set let me know,i know a fix for it.

It should be ok as I've tested it on 3 different LCD sets & my Amstrad Monitor with adapter :)

It's a proper RGB-Scart :thumbsup:

8th January 2014, 15:21
if you have any problems with scart on your set let me know,i know a fix for it.

I'm sure it'll be fine I've used lots of other scarty stuff on my old-skool CRT before.

Out of interest though, what are the symptoms and what is the solution?

8th January 2014, 16:41
well,since you asked:)

my wife bought a rgb scart for her spectrum off ebay.
and it worked fine on her lcd tv but not on mine.
when i looked at it, it was partially the scart lead and the rest was the spectrum +2

here goes.
the scart on my set requires 12 volts for pin 8 and 1-3 volts for pin 16(normal on most)on the scart.
after the tv has taken 12 volts for pin 8 pin 16 is left with.85 of a volt becuse there wired to the same pin on the spectrum.
to fix this i simple added a 1k resistor to the 1k resistor thats already on the motherboard(yes,the 12 volts line for the rgb socket goes through a 1k resistor) which results in pin 16 getting about 1.6 volts after pin 8 has taken what it needs and alls well.
i had to connect pin 8 to pin 16 in the scart hood with a resistor to pin 8 fed from the 12 volts from the speccy.
i could probably do a small drawing to show this if anyone is confused.

problems might be no picture or very dark picture,as is what happened when i used my wifes rgb cable on my set(its very dark)as pin 8 wasent even connected.so the set dont switch properly.
or,when its conected the set wont switch properly and show a shimmering on screen(even after connecting pin 8 to pin 16 in the scart hood) on all the graphics(adding the resistor to the motherboard boosts the voltage and gets rid of the shimmering effect)because it switched fully to rgb.

also,its pointless connecting to the other pin on the spectrum socket even if it is "marked" as another 12 volt line,its actually connected the very same pin the first 12 volts pin is connected to,they are connected together on the motherboard and go through the very same resister that the first 12 volts does on the motherboard

not all tv sets are the same.as ive found.

9th January 2014, 19:45
Shipped! Will PM the tracking number shortly :thumbsup:

9th January 2014, 21:09
Shipped! Will PM the tracking number shortly :thumbsup:

They were cutting it fine with their 7 till 7 collection policy :)
I never knew Yodel was actually Parcel2Go in disguise... try paying them via paypal :picard

15th January 2014, 00:19
It arrived Monday :)
Packaged well, and a lovely specimen...
Will leave feedback on the morrow. 'Tis awkward on me telephone.

15th January 2014, 00:36
Glad to hear it, enjoy :thumbsup: