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11th January 2014, 11:13
Selling my PS2 Fat version which is fully working and comes with 2 official controllers, 2 memory cards, AV cable and power cable.

I may have the component cable and a scart which if i find them I can include them too.

PS2 has been sold on the other bay

3 x Nintendo DS

I got 4 DS's here that have a fault with each and I have no need for them

DS 1 is the orginal silver DS which does turn on but will not read the cartridge (comes with charger) 10
DS 2 is a white DS lite which does work but has pixels dead across the top screen (comes with charger) 10
DS 3 is a light blue DS lite. Comes on but does not read the cartridge (comes with charger) 10
DS 4 is a light blue DS lite which has come apart totally. It was still working before this so the mainboard should be ok 5

all 4 DS consoles have been sold to scrappysphinx

Nintendo Wii
Selling my Nintendo Wii as the DVD drive is broken and I dont have time to buy a new unit. The console is softmodded and as a few games from the virtual console installed (Super Mario 64, Ghosts'n Goblins and a few others). Even if you didnt want to buy a new drive you can use an external hard drive and play the Wii games that way.

In this offer you will get ...

Wii Console (DVD drive is broke and need replacing)
AV cable
Power brick
3 Wii remotes
Wii motion plus
sensor bar
3 nunchuks (1 is not looking too good but it does work)
retro controller
retro controller plus
Wii steering wheel
Wii classic controller for USB
Wii stand

Sold to scrappysphinx

Keep checking on this thread as I have some more stuff to add over the weeks to come. :thumbsup:

11th January 2014, 12:05

12th January 2014, 12:19
Added more items and lowered some prices too :D

12th January 2014, 13:10
Declaring interest in DS2 and DS3.

12th January 2014, 13:37
Declaring interest in DS2 and DS3.

cheapest i can find is 17 for postage so in total it would be 37

fatguy has passed on the offer so they are still here to buy

12th January 2014, 19:42
fatguy :)

12th January 2014, 20:02
declaring interest in the ds consoles 4 for 30. What would be uk shipping on those?

12th January 2014, 20:15
myhermes is 6.40 with it being signed or 5.40 without

12th January 2014, 22:53
Interested in the Wii. Postage to Denmark?

12th January 2014, 23:06
Will get a price asap to you

right cheapest i can find for postage is 26

13th January 2014, 10:46
Waking up, I realise I have to be on the conservative side of spending money this January, so interest disengaged. Sorry ! :(

13th January 2014, 11:35
Payment sent for the 4 ds consoles.


14th January 2014, 12:23
dropped the price on the Wii console and whatever comes with it. Down from 25 to 15 plus postage

14th January 2014, 12:54
Interested in the wii too.

14th January 2014, 15:27
Sent details

14th January 2014, 16:49
Payment sent for the wii. Thanks

14th January 2014, 17:25
PS2 has been lowered from 25 to 20

17th January 2014, 01:49
PS2 has been sold on the other bay

20th January 2014, 16:50
Wii and DS Consoles were received Saturday.

So far 3 of the 4 DS Consoles are now working fully and the Wii drive has been replaced and passed on to my brother.

Thanks Morcar, leaving feedback