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13th January 2014, 14:03
Hi all, for sale today is a Dreamcast SD Reader with Dreamshell disc and 8Gb SD Card. All set up ready to go. Allows loading of ISO games and homebrew from SD card, ripping of GDRom's to ISO, use apps such as DCPlaya to play music, load emulators and i'm sure there's more. I used it to boot a few games and although the serial port is slower than the gdrom meaning longer load times some games worked fine. Some games the music stuttered or there were pauses during gameplay while it caught up. Emulators worked fine.

To comply with Amibay rules no software (other than Dreamshell) will be provided with this.

To use the card insert it into the serial port below the power on the back and boot the dreamshell disc. Then choose to load from SD card and wait for the GUI to come up. From there it should be pretty self explanatory.

I am asking 20 plus p&p (Should be very cheap as it weighs nothing).


13th January 2014, 15:56
Interested mate, Will pm when i get home

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13th January 2014, 16:08
I am sorry to mess with the sale but I must ask.

Did you have done any mod to the files of dreamshell?
With my console it starts black and white and have a screen shifted down with that version of dreamshell, with the older version all was working fine.
If you have done a mod to files can you please do a zip of them? I cant put my dreamshell displaying colors

Many thanks!

PS I use a crt tv to display... using vga i think that the colors are right and dont have the screen shiffted down!

13th January 2014, 16:20
Hi jcarvalho, I didn't do anything with the files and when I booted it I also got a black and white picture and the screen shifted down showing only the top half.

I am using the original av cables with a scart adapter and so I rebooted and when it prompted to press y for 60hz I pressed y. This gave me a full screen colour picture. I assume the discs starts in 60hz native and pressing y switches to 50hz. Give it a try and let me know if it works

13th January 2014, 16:53
Hi!!!! Tried that and got the same results... bad picture :(
I have also the original composite leads and hook them to a composite->scat adaptor... It is a good one, come with xbox360 I think.. I use it a lot.
could be TV problem... it is s small one from ElectricCo (white line) but tried also in a small tft TV VDtech and the results are the same...

13th January 2014, 16:55
Sorry my friend I don't know what else to suggest then. I just downloaded the newest disc this morning and copied over the updated files to sd card.

13th January 2014, 17:10
I would like to buy it. Pls check PM.

13th January 2014, 17:20
Next in line please :)

13th January 2014, 18:07
Payment Sent :thumbsup:

13th January 2014, 18:10
Payment received posting in the morning. Thanks

15th January 2014, 20:39
received and tested today, great stuff mate a pleasure as always :thumbsup:

Feedback left :D

15th January 2014, 21:03
Thanks buddy, feedback being returned and will close the thread.