View Full Version : Closed PC Engine flash card or cheap Hu cards, and where to find?

5th April 2010, 22:54
I hope this isn't directly in breach of the rules. If so, apologies and mods please delete the thread.

I have a Turbo GRAFX, never used it and recently bought a R-Type HU-Card, but I ended up with a jp version of the game. I now know jp wont work on my NTSC machine. Obvious eh. Doh.

Can anyone please help me with:

A. A used flash cart for PC Engine ie Neo Power PC-E 128, Super PC engin card, or any other flash card solution for PC engine/ TurboGRAFX?

B Or point me in the right direction, what to buy, where to buy?

Its got to be cheap unfortunately. In the 20 -50 max range I'd have thought so I dont care if its fairly old.

B. any cheap /worthwhile NTSC /PAL HU cards. Fleabay seem to have rather silly prices at the mo.

TIA! :)

Iain, UK

7th May 2010, 15:41
Ebay Amerika is by far your best bet.
I've bought hucards there in the past for about 2 dollars a piece, even if the seller only sells to amerika only, just ask him to ship outside of amerika and its usually fine.
Even with the bit extra postage it will cost you, if you buy a couple at once, you will have a handfull of games for the same price you would pay on a european ebay site for just 1.

Just look for a seller who sells more then 1 game in different auctions and take em all.

There's periods where the prices tend to get high, just walk away at that point. In general average games you can get for 2-5 dollars a piece easily.

7th May 2010, 15:48
I now know jp wont work on my NTSC machine. Obvious eh. Doh.

did you actually try the card ? Japan is NTSC too, their NTSC implementation is slightly different, but I don't think it's so far that it could prevent the card from working ... unless there's somekind of region lock in effect ...

I'm in Japan btw, and once I bought a whole lot of Turbo Grafx and games for a friend. Most common problem with those cards were the dirty contacts. I managed make more than %90 of a lot I got just cleaning the contacts, of which only %50 were working in the first run ...

7th May 2010, 15:52
You would need a convertor for that, i think the pin layout is slightly different on ntsc or ntscj (japanese ntsc).

What you say is true for the cd games though, although then you have to cope with those 3 million cd formats used ^^

7th May 2010, 20:48

Thanks for the flurry of replies! ;)

well, when I plug it in.. nothing. a have a solid white screen, the same I think as if i turn it on with nothing in. I read on a few sites that ntsc<>jp arent interchangable.

The machine is about 10 years old and I've never turned the thing on before now. I just dont want to go out buy a few more carts and find the machine's dead anyway...

so anyone got any info re flash card adaptors?

I'll take a look on ebay.com in the meantime. thx

7th May 2010, 21:58
adapters to play import games fetch high prices, and are really hard to get a hold of. Expect **** euro's for one ex shipping.

I'd buy a ntsc hucard (i think you have a us ntsc system?) of some **** game just to test if it works (which it likely will, you simply can't play japanese ntsc on a us ntsc system, there's 2 or 3 pins on the gamecarts that are switched around). If you need help looking for a cheap version from your region just gimme a yell and ill try to help find some on evilbay. Can't be to hard to get some cheap if you live in the uk :D

R-type is a very decent game and quite sought after for turbografx owners, you should have no problem at all to get rid of it for decent money (depending what you payed for it ofc :D)

8th May 2010, 14:28
Hey JiggyMF,

I removed your 'expect to pay' prices because it could be construed as price driving. :) You can always PM him with the information if you like.

Take care,


8th May 2010, 21:00
I'll order an NTSC card to test the system and then will decide what to do. Then I might lie to the wife and order a flash card after all..

OK cheers and thx to jiggy and coze and others :)

PS If anyone reads this in the next weeks / months and does have a NTSC PC engine flash card, pm me pls.

cheers again.