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15th January 2014, 14:28
Pentium III 450mhz Slot 1 base unit,

AT base unit with ATX back plate, as this is an AT case there is no switch on the power button (meant to have AT power switch behind it), atx switch to turn on/off at rear of case.

the case is like new, bright and white as is both the fdd & cd drive front led readout says "33" but can be changed with jumpers.

spare front 5-1/4 & 3-1/2 blank plates included, this is all boxed with poly inserts. will supply ps2 mouse / keyboard if required.

Intel BX440 agp atx motherboard
512mb sdram
30gb hdd
52x cdrom
1.44mb fdd
geforce mx 440 agp x8
awe 64 isa sound card

fully tested with win 98 / dos prompt boot menu (for pure dos) , everything works great, win 98 flies along with 512mb ram :)

hdd will be formatted.

40 (Was 50)+ P&P paypal gift or fees paid.

15th January 2014, 15:31
Nice machine, almost exactly the specs I am looking for in an old PC. BX chipset is as solid as they come. :)
I will not declare interest since I'm pretty sure shipping will be a killer to Denmark, so I'm looking for a local one. But just for fun, what be the shipping cost?

15th January 2014, 15:48
I'll get a quote, im guessing it wont be cheap ;)

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21.60 UPS Insured.

15th January 2014, 15:53
I'll get a quote, im guessing it wont be cheap ;)
21.60 UPS Insured.

Not as bad as it could have been, but still quite a bit compared to local pickup, so I'll let it sit for now. :)

15th January 2014, 15:58
I share demolition's pain on shipping costs... :(

15th January 2014, 16:04
Ok no problem.

16th January 2014, 08:20
Hi Sardine, where are you based for pickup? Cheers

16th January 2014, 08:40
st helens, merseyside

17th January 2014, 10:20
Price Drop

17th January 2014, 23:02
possible deal with demolition pending some configuration changes

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