View Full Version : Closed Dual Slot 1 Pentium III 1ghz setup parts, tested

15th January 2014, 23:39
along with all my parts and a recent haul I got I will add to this sale what I have tested.

When I have re-cooped my money I will add the remainder for free just postage including my personal parts once i have reached my target.

1st Item fully tested, installed XP to confirm both CPU's showing and multi-threading successfully.

Gigabyte GA-6BXD Intel 440 BX DUAL Slot 1 motherboard

2 x 1ghz Slot 1 Pentium III CPU'S

Random amount of ram just to test motherboard, 192mb i think. i can provide more if required.

will also give agp graphics card of choice and sound card, netcard,fdd, cdrom , hdd, cables , backplate that fits, etc.

sblive 5.1(pci), es1371(pci), es1869(isa), AWE64(isa),

vga agp
S3 trio3d/sx, Savage2000, ati rage fury 32mb, NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900X, geforce 2 gts, geforce 2 ti gs,

30, 40, 40, 41, 80

40 (Was 50) + P&P
paypal gift or fees paid.

if no interest shown this will go to ebay

15th January 2014, 23:56
I'm confused as to what's included here?

The motherboard with one choice of gfx, one audio card, one hdd etc? Or is it everything as a lot?

16th January 2014, 02:13
I'm confused as to what's included here?

The motherboard with one choice of gfx, one audio card, one hdd etc? Or is it everything as a lot?

it's a choice of one of each, basically a whole pc without psu and case. (I can give a PSU and possibly a case also if you needed.

then the rest will go up in the recycle area for free, so you get 1st dibs on what you want before i give the rest away.

17th January 2014, 10:21
Price Drop

17th January 2014, 19:55
Does anyone know whether this board should have any compatibility problems running plain DOS stuff? I know that DOS software will obviously not be able to use the 2nd CPU.

17th January 2014, 19:59
Damn! Why does nice stuff like this turn up when I'm broke!

17th January 2014, 21:54
might be sold to demolition pending configuration changes with the case from PIII 450 thread.

no interest declared on either so I see no issues.

another mod give this a thumbs up ?

should I make a new thread with a new deal ?

17th January 2014, 22:08
It's not really my decision as I'm not a mod, but if it's a completely separate transaction/deal, then I suggest a new thread, even if it's just to avoid confusion.

17th January 2014, 22:17
It's basically a combination of two threads. I think it's a new thread as well since I can't really declare interest in any of the two existing ones.. I will wait to see what a different mod will say before we should move on with this.

17th January 2014, 23:01
this item reserved for demolition in a new thread.