View Full Version : Found 4x or 2x IDE Adapter

16th January 2014, 07:14
Hi guys I am looking for a 4 way or 2 way IDE adapter for my A600, If anybody has one for sale please do get in touch.
Cheers Supa

16th January 2014, 08:48
I have a 10cm 2way 44pin cable that was made up by Amigakit you can have for 5 inc postage :)

Is that long enough? It's not buffered obviously but you can run 2 devices (as Master/Slave) on the Amiga IDE :thumbsup:

16th January 2014, 11:47
If you don't take up on Steve's offer above, I have this elbox 4-way buffered interface:
I could give you for 28 euros + p&p + paypal fees. Cheers!

16th January 2014, 12:38
Hi Steve, I will take you up on your offer bud:thumbsup:

Hi Vulture thanks for your kind offer but its the Flat type of adapter I require.

PM to follow to Fitzsteve

17th January 2014, 16:57
Posted today :thumbsup:

17th January 2014, 17:34
Cheers Bud :thumbsup:

18th January 2014, 10:43
Cable arrived safe and sound,thanks buddy !
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