View Full Version : Closed Game Boy Classic in box + Tetris

17th January 2014, 08:59
The original gameboy in good working condition, boxed, with link cable and Tetris. The box is in very good condition but not quite mint.

Price: 60€ 50€ + pp

20th January 2014, 11:55
Listed on eBay.

20th January 2014, 13:29
Do you want to keep this thread open or close it?

If you item on eBay is an Auction then normally their rules say you should not list the item elsewhere, but I think for BIN is ok.

20th January 2014, 14:45
On eBay it's BIN with Best offer. Would it be possible to suspend the thread for a week? :) Cheers

20th January 2014, 15:19
BIN auctions are no problem, I'll close this as per Half-Saint's request , pm me to have it opened if needed :)