View Full Version : Wanted '040 for an A3000D (US)

18th January 2014, 00:56
My A3K is sloooooo!
Anyone got a 3640 or something nicer for sale, preferably in north america?


18th January 2014, 01:45
Recommend either:
Warp Engine 3040
Cyberstorm mkIII

I have tried a ton of accelerators in the 3000s.

Trust me on this one...:)

The best card ever made for the 3000 is the warp engine. It fits perfectly, no removing memory to screw it in, has the int 3 wire to attach to the cia, a screaming fast bus, very well thought out card.

The Mkiii is faster but more of pain...

Buy it right once and enjoy.

21st January 2014, 22:33
Thanks, matt3k! I'm still looking for a 3640 but if anyone has a warp engine instead to sell, I'll gladly pay much more :thumbsup:

21st January 2014, 23:09
MmmM Warp Engine I got is the 4040 so that won't work without hackage which I wouldn't recommend .. I know, I know we all love hackage but cutting the A3000 case is :thumbsdown:

I do have one of these however http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=24448

22nd January 2014, 02:38
Agreed cutting the most beautiful and functional desktop case ever made it just not right!

22nd January 2014, 03:32
Pm sent

22nd January 2014, 17:50
Send me a PM if Miru doesn't have what you need. I have a 3640 available.


18th February 2014, 01:08
Funds sent to DutchinUSA!

18th February 2014, 02:09
Payment received for PPS Mercury (and EGS video card) and all packed up and ready to be dropped off :)

19th February 2014, 17:35
The Mercury is a real nice card. You will be very happy.

In terms of speedup, the Spectrum card you bought makes a much bigger difference for speed than an 040.

Amiga video is really the crippled area.

Good call on the package, enjoy!!!

21st February 2014, 23:08
Thanks, matt3k! I'm really psyched! :thumbsup:

Package with Mercury and EGS received from DutchInUsa, but I'm still stuck at the office putting out fires with our online service. :picard

When I get home, I'm gonna kick back a few beers, get this all installed, and leave some feedback!

22nd February 2014, 02:30
I won't be responsible for installation of parts after you been drinking !! :D

I need you to be hooked up permanently to a breathalyzer while handling these parts ... :pint: :ROTFLOL2: