View Full Version : Wanted S: Megaman X2 or X3 SNES PAL

18th January 2014, 13:00
i need megaman x3 and in second plan megaman 7 pal b, must be very good or near mint condition

trade price will be : Megaman x3 200 euro , megaman 7 100 euro

i offer

ALL PAL system's
Uforia Pal B - boxed complete 200euro . cartrige like new , manuals like new, box 4/5
NES PAL B system, Super set, boxed + styrofoam it's large size boxed console with 4 controllers and 4 player adapter , price 140 euro
SNES Boxed console = 120euro
Sega Mega Drive complete boxed with 2 controllers and manuals = 100 euro
Megaman 5 NES PAL B 120 euro

also other side can take one of my items and i will pay rest in money

if you ask i will send pictures

i pay shipping for my games , other side pay shipping for his items , i ship with tracking number