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20th January 2014, 02:44
As an experiment I am looking into building a basic 8BIT ISA PCB. Basically a replica of the Roland MIF-IPC-A. This cards allows PCs to communicate with the MPU-401 BOB.


I am looking for someone who could give me an estimate om the complexity and cost to build. There are fairly few parts involved.


Pictures: courtesy of http://nerdlypleasures.blogspot.com.

Unfortunately I do not have the skills / tools / knowledge / experience to build PCBs.

20th January 2014, 09:45
how about this one?

20th January 2014, 09:55
Hi Peter,
Due to the simplicity of the circuit, if you are only making one of these then you'd probably be best off using an ISA Prototype board like this (second from bottom):

And then hand wiring the circuit. This would be fast and cheap (probably under $30 for the whole thing). If you intend making a batch of these then you'd need to build at least 20 or 30 of them to justify having a PCB made professionally.


20th January 2014, 14:27
Cool! Thanks guys! What would one use to wire / connect components?

20th January 2014, 14:30
Any simple single core (0,35mm) insulated wire would be ok. You'd just need to solder each component to a suitable location on the grid, probably best to use sockets for the ICs if you're not sure of your soldering skills. Then just join the points with the wire according to the schematic.


20th January 2014, 14:40
Excellent! I will look into setting up a hobby project soon.

How about ICs: can I buy the generic description from the schematic or do I need the specific from the OEM PCB?

Thanks! :thumbsup:

20th January 2014, 15:34
You'll need:

IC11 = 74LS04
IC12 = 74LS245
IC13 = 74LS08
IC14 = 74LS682
(plus IC sockets)

All of these can be from any manufacturer, all are easily available and all should only cost a couple of cents each.

1x 6way DIP switch
4x 100nf Ceramic capacitors (soldered across the +/- pins of each IC)
1x 1K 1/4W resistor
1x 100f Electrolytic Capacitor (soldered across the 5V +/- close to the edge connector)
1x Whatever connector goes to theMPU-401 (Think it's a 25way D-sub connector)


20th January 2014, 15:41
Awesome Bryce! :)

20th January 2014, 16:13
No problem. Post some pictures when you build it.


20th January 2014, 16:16
I will. I have to buy all the tools as well so this may be a project that will take weeks / months. :D

20th January 2014, 16:46
That will ramp the cost up a bit. If you decide not to build it yourself and can't find someone local, then get back to me and I'll make you one. Not sure what the postage to the US would be, but I can't imagine it being much for such a small / light device.


20th January 2014, 18:54
Cool! Let me send you a PM. :)

Bryce and me are working on this project. This topic can be closed and archived. Thanks! :D