View Full Version : Amigakit A600/A1200 Disk Drive.

20th January 2014, 23:29
Decided after quite a few months to pull out my NOS AT1200. I was a bit disappointed with it tbh so put it away and ignored it!

Keyboard had broken keys, floppy drive seems jammed.

So tonight I pulled the drive out and sat in with the missus watching tv and pulled things apart to find out what was wrong. It is not in a good way so decided to look at what Amigakit have on offer. I just bought one of their new disk drive units.

Got me thinking about something! How have they created the eject button? So anyone who owns one, does it look stock?

Thanks :)

20th January 2014, 23:36
The eject button is a cut and glue job, looks a bit iffy but has so far not caused any problems.

20th January 2014, 23:40
Any idea what model drive yours is?

20th January 2014, 23:43
Yes, they cut it and glued it back on to relocate it, but there is one minor issue in my opinion. The button is located a bit too far in so when you eject a disk there is a small risk of breaking the plastic on the case since the button goes slightly inside while the original button is a few mm longer.

I bought one of those drives, but luckily I was able to fix the original drive in my NOS 1200 so now the Amigakit drive is just lying around as a spare. :) The Amigakit drive is also made of sheet metal (like most new drives due to cost reduction) instead of cast metal like the original which feels much more sturdy.

20th January 2014, 23:59
My NOS Drive is comestically good! You can tell it has not been used much if at all but sometime in its past, it has been messed up!

The floppy holder/cage mech is all out of alignment. Spent some time and managed to get it free and working but it still jams. This is not simple as putting on grease, its just not right. Peeved off as I was going to apply the modifications to make it trackload compatible.

I have one more chance and that is an old crapped out drive I kept for spare parts. The whole disk mech is perfect! Might try swapping it over and see if that will help.

The Amigakit drive will be good even as a spare ready to go! anyone able to tell me what drive they used? Sonys seem to be converted alot. Got some here I converted ages ago. The only bit I got stuck on was the eject button for a600/a1200's.


21st January 2014, 00:00
Any idea what model drive yours is?

I think its Panasonic, not 100% sure. My A1200 Magic Pack isn't easy to get at at the moment.

Agree with demolition, the button doesn't stick as far out, so ejecting a disk can be a bit fiddly.

21st January 2014, 00:15
Hey if the Amigakit drive is a Panasonic like those Escom 1200's then with a bit of luck, the button will just transfer over. I wont be that lucky lol, not in Amigaland :lol:

21st January 2014, 00:19
My Amigakit drive is not Panasonic. Don't have it right here, so can't check what it is. The drive in my 500+ is also a Panasonic and almost identical to the one in my ESCOM 1200, so it could be a suitable donor.

21st January 2014, 19:52
I am annoyed :censored:

I just managed to find an old Panasonic A1200 drive that has been languishing in my storage for years. It belonged to a mate who trashed his 1200 (long story going back to 1998/99) The drives heads were knocked out of alignment and some other horrors were done. So I nabbed it for spares. I am glad that I did BUT.... :picard

I have discovered that the Panasonic drive in the Petro Nos1200 is missing a brass guide that the disk frame slides on! There should be four of these things but alas only 3 are present? I am kinda lost on this... these things are usually stuffed in and never ever come out!

No wonder the dam thing is all messed up and refuses to work right. It will never work right unless that part is sorted out! I can only attempt to sort it. I have a bad feeling this will not work out. I really want to save the NOS drive. Looks like this could get quite involved!

I might do some pictures of this whole process and see if I can cobble it back together.