View Full Version : For Sale or Swap - faulty Mac Mini Core Duo

21st January 2014, 19:47
For sale or swap I have a fault Apple Mac Mini wit Core Duo CPU

The Mac Mini was working fine, I left it unplugged but in it's box in my room for a few months, when I plugged it back in, nothing !!!!

I've removed the RAM and hard drive from the machine but it's all complete.
I just chucked the lid on, I've not reassembled the wireless card and/or audio board as the machine is dead and didn't think it's worth it.

The machine is boxed with PSU. The case has scuff marks and in used condition but no damage at all.

Before failure, I was running Snow Leopard ( Mac OS X 10.6.8 ) quite happily.

I'll follow up with pictures soon, but I'm looking for 50 or offers, or possibly a swap for a working PC Motherboard & CPU bundle of similar spec or Amiga parts to a suitable value.

I'd prefer collection (don't want it to get damaged in the post) but can post (UK only) - I'll also take this to the AmiBay event on 1st Feb 2014 if a prospective buyer wants it.

21st January 2014, 19:52
I'm Interested
PM soon

21st January 2014, 20:43
I'm Interested
PM soon
WOW quick response, I await your PM

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You can find the pictures here

21st January 2014, 21:13
I am late, I think... but... I am interested too... If something will happen..

21st January 2014, 21:23
I've not had confirmation from rainbowat, I'm waiting on his decision.
Skromny, you are second in line - if rainbowat declines, it's yours. Just waiting on rainbowat.

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Rainbowat has declined, it's not the model he was after.

FYI, see specs attached

Skromny, it's up to you now.

24th January 2014, 19:40
declaring interest is it still for sale:thumbsup:


24th January 2014, 20:00
declaring interest is it still for sale:thumbsup:
You'll be second in line matey :)

Still in negotiations with skromny, however, I've not heard anything from him for nearly 48 hours, so I'll see if there's any movement by the end of the weekend, if not, consider yourself the owner of a nice (but broken) Mac Mini.

27th January 2014, 09:00
declaring interest is it still for sale:thumbsup:
Hi dj.echo, Let me know if you're still interested.
I've had no communication from Skromny for over 72 hours now, so assuming he does not want it!

28th January 2014, 19:18
Right, I'm gonna bring this down to the Kent meetup of fitzsteve's, in case anyone there wants it.
If nobody wants it there, I think I'll chuck it on the other bay, as I've now had 3 people declare interest then all of a sudden go quiet/not contact me!

28th January 2014, 19:30
Hi buddy, is there anything that I'm selling that's suitable for a swap ?

if so then declare me interested.

got a bunch of older motherboards single core amd / intel stuff, p4 / sempron etc.


PC3 has PCI-E slot and I have a couple of PCI-E Vga to suite.

28th January 2014, 19:44
Hi Sardine,
Are you going to the meetup this weekend down in Kent? (the fitzsteve thing?)
The reason I ask is that PC3 is tempting at the moment, but I'm looking at what I can salvage from all my old PC parts at the moment, and pay day is around the corner too.

Let me know if you are as we could do the swap without having to worry about post etc. and therefore keep costs down.

28th January 2014, 20:01
i wont be comming to kent, postage not really an issue under 10 im guessing.

28th January 2014, 20:02
I'm still looking at what is salvageable out of my existing PC hardware.

28th January 2014, 20:11
ok let me know if any thing i have you need.

got pci-e vga low profile nvidia 520 and slower quadro fx570