View Full Version : Closed Spectre GCR for Atari

7th April 2010, 21:00
I want to run Mac OS 6.x on an Atari TT030. If you have a Spectre GCR for sale, name your price. 8-)


15th May 2010, 04:27
I found the Spectre GCR but to complete my unit, want the original Spectre GCR 3.0 Floppy Software. So, if you have that, let me know. tj

15th May 2010, 06:39
If you don't come up with the software you're looking for, may i suggest you also get on the look for another software title, namely Aladdin. Not the game we all know of, but a software Mac emulator for the Atari. I have seen it running on an ST decades ago, and it was good. :) Actually it was a colleague's ST running it, so in order to get his envy at the time i asked him to bring it over so we could do a test. I only had tha A1000 at the time, so ran an Atari emulator on the Amiga, and the Aladdin on top of it, ending up running the MacOS 6 under that... I believe you can imagine his frustration. :lol: