View Full Version : Wanted Anything for Amstrad copied to 3.5" disk

24th January 2014, 11:33
Can anybody help me out transfering something to disk for my Amstrad? Just anything.

I downloaded that CPCdiskXP thingy but it won't work with my USB floppy drive :double:double:double

I have no desktop nor intend to purchase one just to copy some disks over, so I was hoping anybody in here could help me copy some software to 3.5" disks for me to test my machine.

2 disks is fine, with anything on it. Games, or maybe that awesome Batman demo. Just the one piece of software will do, is just for testing purposes.

If anybody can help me out, please quote your price including media and shipping to London.


24th January 2014, 11:41
i'll do it for you for postage bud.

just give me a list of games and i'll try to find them upto ten disks and what side you want the images on.(or both)

i just hope im not breaking any rules doing this.

24th January 2014, 11:44
Really? That's really kind of you man.
I just need one thing as I said.
To stick with rules, it could be the awesome Batman demo, which I attach here.
It's a free demoscene prod so it should be fine.

That's all I need really.
It seems to come in two disks, two sides on each, so let me know how much this costs and I'll paypal you the cash right away.

Thanks so much!!!!

24th January 2014, 14:24
i'll do it a bit later.

EDIT: disks are done,i'll send you a pm as i dont know where you are to send them.

24th January 2014, 16:59
Whee! This is awesome.
Thanks Roy!

25th January 2014, 11:15
ive posted them out to you this morning,dont worry about the postage it wasent a fat lot.
i was going out anyway to give someone a quote,so no biggy.

25th January 2014, 11:42
That's too kind.
Send me your Paypal regardless, I'll send you some beer (or whatever you drink) money.
Please, I insist :)

25th January 2014, 11:54
ok mate,i'll send you a pm.but honestly it wasent a lot to send mate.

25th January 2014, 12:00
Fair is fair :)
Thanks Roy!

25th January 2014, 12:03
ok mate,its up to you:)

12th February 2014, 11:47
Any mod able to close this thread? Disks arrived and are great, roy rocks.

12th February 2014, 13:12
oh sorry,let me leave you feedback mate i completely forgot about these:picard