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24th January 2014, 14:47
Hi folks,

this is just to document (and to give feedback for) the absolutely brilliant work that stachu100 (http://www.amibay.com/member.php?u=1445) did for me - upgrading my Blizzard 1240 to a 1260.

The card now has a full MC68060 (latest mask), 128MB of 50ns RAM, and the original Blizzard style battery. He also kindly sent me a bunch of oscillators, so that I can switch frequencies to my needs. Look at the pictures yourself to get an impression:

First, the card with the memory installed:

And from the back:

What a great idea to put the fan on the back of the card - in doing so, the card fits into my desktop A1200 without problems. I could even close the trapdoor, if I wanted to, but I decided to leave it open for now so that the heat (well, just sort of heat, not really) can spread better. In addition, no extra power connector for the fan is required - it uses the card's power supply.

Here you can see the 68060 (latest mask):

What really thrilled me is how precise he did the soldering!!! Look at the memory socket - there was an angled one on the card before the upgrade and now stachu100 soldered a flat one onto it:

Amazing - the soldering joints look like factory made :wooha: An outstanding job in my opinion.

Here is a close-up of the oscillator socket:

And the original Blizzard style battery:

Last, but not least the "standard" view of a Blizzard 1260, memory removed:

As said, I think this is really outstanding :bowdown: Absolutely perfect.


24th January 2014, 15:37
Hi Marc,
I'm very happy that you are happy. :) I'm trying to do things as good as possible. As they said: "Do it well or not at all".

24th January 2014, 19:14
Positive feedback left from both sides :thumbsup: Thread can be closed by the mods as desired.

24th January 2014, 19:17
nice work both :thumbsup:

will close for you then