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24th January 2014, 16:36
I'm selling my Nintendo DS Lite console (black) as it no longer gets used. It comes complete with the original box, manuals, charger and stylus. I'm also including an R4 SDHC card along with a 4GB micro SD card that boots to Ysmenu and a 2GB card with the original R4 SDHC firmware/kernal installed.

The DS is in good condition and full working order. The battery life is also good. I will mention that there are a few very tiny dead/stuck pixels on the top screen, but they are not very noticeable (you have to look close) and will not distract from gaming. Replacement screens can be picked up very cheap, but it never bothered me.

***SOLD*** Selling for 25 + p&p :cool: (was 30 + p&p) ***SOLD***

**The cheapest postage option within the UK is 3.90 via Hermes**

25th January 2014, 19:10
Price drop to 25 + p&p :thumbsup:

25th January 2014, 19:17
Pm sent.

26th January 2014, 11:04
interest withdrawn.

26th January 2014, 14:44
Any chance you can take a photo of the dead pixels?

26th January 2014, 18:50
interest withdrawn.

Ok no problem.

Any chance you can take a photo of the dead pixels?

I could try, but i doubt they'll show up in a photo as they're very tiny!

26th January 2014, 19:14
Hi I will take this please. Pm sent

27th January 2014, 14:13
Uploaded some photos :thumbsup:. My camera is not brilliant and as you can see it doesn't really show the dead/stuck pixels on the top screen. They're not noticeable as they're tiny but i felt i should mention it anyway, even if some people never notice them ;). It does come with the original charger... I just forgot to include it in the photo shoot :roll:.

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Payment received from Hyperfan :cool:

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Now posted :thumbsup:

4th February 2014, 13:41
Feedback left :cool: