View Full Version : Request A2000 and A600 recap / repair

24th January 2014, 20:17
I have a A2000 (bare bones) which does not display a picture. The floppy disks fire up OK and I have checked all the chips to ensure they are seated tightly. My A600 works but needs the usual recap and MOT services required at its age. sound issues are an intermittent problem. Is there anyone in the UK that could sort out both issues???
thanks for reading

24th January 2014, 20:34
I can sort those out for you.
To save shipping costs you can just send me the mainboards..

TC :)

24th January 2014, 21:10
Excellent, I will drop a PM with my details

27th January 2014, 10:36
both computers sent to TheCorfoit. Time for him to weave his undoubted magic...