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24th January 2014, 22:23
Hi there!

I've just retrieved my old Amstrad CPC 464 from my best friend's loft. It starts up ok, however the keyboard behaves a little strangely (Hitting the "T" key results in "fgtws" displayed and other such gobbledygook. This is repeated for certain other keys, but not all of them. The machine knows what you're trying to type (because i can type commands including the nonsense I mentioned and it will still do what I tell it)

That's the minor problem. The major one is that the tape deck is not working properly. I can fast forward and rewind, but pressing play does nothing, either while idle or when trying to run a game.

I've opened up the machine, took one look and realised i needed someone who knew what they were doing. Hopefully there's someone here who can help.

I can pay postage and any reasonable amount for parts and labour, located in Manchester.

Thanks, Chris.

24th January 2014, 22:28
I would be happy to repair your cpc for you.

TC :)

24th January 2014, 22:44
That's the fastest reply to a thread I've ever seen :D

PM me your address and I can send tomorrow.

Thanks very much


25th January 2014, 00:53
could be AY chip? With a cpc plus of a friend, a similar situation happened

25th January 2014, 21:24
Nice on TC, only one of the best fixers out there. Your Amstrad will be in good hands :D

25th January 2014, 21:29
I second what Beaps just said :thumbsup:

25th January 2014, 21:30

25th January 2014, 21:47
Thanks guys. Can't wait to get it working again, it's my childhood with a green screen :D

25th January 2014, 21:49
Well you might wanna consider at least a colour monitor but we know what you mean:p