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26th January 2014, 19:34
Has been fine ever since i had it but today when i switched it on it got to the purple kickstart/insert disk screen.

After a switching it off and on again and a few resets it worked fine and booted up from hard drive.

Now its doing it again. I can hear the hard drive switching on and when i reset the hard drive light comes on for a second and the hard drive makes the normal sound but again back to purple kickstart screen.

I dont know if its related but it started doing it after i plugged in a DF1 external disk drive. But i dont see that as the problem as i got it to boot fine with the DF1 still plugged in and even after unplugging it.

While it wont boot i can still boot up with WB 3.1 Install disk and run HDtoolbox and the hard drive shows up (In HD toolbox)

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Correction: Just went in HDtoolbox and it is now seeing the HD as SCSI Unknown

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Suspecting the HD is dying