View Full Version : Found SB0410 or other low profile pci sound card

27th January 2014, 14:02

i have just bought a core 2 duo system its one of those hp things low profile.
and obviously my audigy 2 card being a behemoth just wont fit in the case,

its a pretty little case usually i would just gut it and put it all in a full atx case but this time im going to try and save some space and keep it how it is.
"hp seems to have done a much better job with wire management than i do lol"

any way i will be needing a second sound card for it due to playing about with virtual dj.
I dont want one of those usb solutions and would prefer creative labs.
I would like to avoid any of the generic ac97 cards that float about on fee bay. but at the right price i dont see why i wouldn't cave in and use one..

im not looking to spend a fortune though. and if wanted id happily trade my audigy 2 for a cretive card that will fit.
It dosent have to have a low profile plate but the card needs to fit if i removed the full sized plate.

my audigy 2 does not come with one of those drive bay attachments, but it does have all the wires "i think all of them any way"

any way let me know thnx.

27th January 2014, 14:38
I have one that might fit what you need. I'll check the model later today.

27th January 2014, 15:28
I have a spare SB0410 ShambleS1980 , you can have it for free ;)

27th January 2014, 16:10
that would be great let me know the postage costs please

27th January 2014, 18:16
will send you a PM

edit: card to be sent on Wednesday

1st February 2014, 18:08
arrived today for some reason my hp thingy dissables my on board when a new sound card is added but that is not an issue as i can set the SB to 4.1 and my software will treat it as 2 sound cards so its working perfectly for what i needed it for.

Really happy with it. i had to cut the back plate down a bit to make it fit the low profile case but works and fits perfectly now.

very happy with it. as far as i can see its just as good as my audigy 2 card but just smaller. :thumbsup:

1st February 2014, 21:58
great to hear you are happy with it my friend, enjoy!!!!! :D