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30th January 2014, 21:49
Looking for the cables that connect the Picasso IV to his Scandoubler / FlickerFixer Module.

if anyone has these cables unnecessary for him, thank you to make me an offer.

1st February 2014, 10:11
Ummm , mate I have a Picasso Iv but it show by default the aga video on VGA exit... It don't need cables , the Picasso ii need it

1st February 2014, 10:13
Thanks for posting. My model is the one with cables. Can you check if you have any spare cables?

1st February 2014, 12:36
you can make the cables...

EDIT: or, i can make the cables for you,if you tell me how many sets you want and the length of the cables you require and i will tell you the cost that will be including shipping to you(not very expensive)
the cables will be brand new.

i just need you to confirm it has a 26 way and 16 way idc header on the card and scandoubler.or take a picture of the card if your unsure.

and measure the space between the centers of any two pins on any connector this will give me the info i need(in millimeters)i think its 2.54mm but i dont have mine to hand to check.

2nd February 2014, 01:38

Thanks a lot.

I want a pair of cables.

One should have two female connectors including two lines of eight pins. The small one, see upper connectors on the pic. O e on the picasso, second on the scandoubler.

Second cable should have two female connectors including two lines of thirteen pins. The bigger one, see lower connectors on the pic. O e on the picasso, second on the scandoubler.

I guess the photo is better than my description.

Please see and try to measure the distance between the to connectors, through the photo.

Is this photo helping you? Hope so.

Please reply if you can make the cables. To my eyes those two were simple ribbon cables, between the connectors. Am I right? Guess so. Also reply or pm the cost including postage.

Thanks a lot.

2nd February 2014, 09:30
i can make the cables for sure:thumbsup:

i just need you to measure the space between any pin,its just to confirm pin pitch so i can order the parts:) and also tell you how much they will be.
if you cant measure it,no problem.get a floppy cable and try to plug it in to any header,if it fits with all the pins lined up its 2.54mm

if anyone else knows the pin pitch please feel free to say.

also, try to measure the space between the connectors on both cards so i know the cable length.
i cant guess pin pitch and cable length from photos so unfortunately you will have to do that.

i know its a bit of a pain,but i want to make sure.

if it is 2.54mm i can make the cables for 6 plus postage.but i would still have to order the parts as i dont have them around to hand,dont worry i will keep you informed as far as progress.:)
just let me know if you want to go ahead with it.

2nd February 2014, 13:35
I tried my best

0.90cm distance between the big connectors.
0.60cm distance between the smaller connectors.
2.54mm distance between pins on both connectors.

Yes of course, go ahead, I can paypal anytime.


2nd February 2014, 13:44
i'll go ahead and order the parts to make these now:)

please allow time for parts to get to me and for me to make them,i will keep you upto date as to progress:)

dont worry about payment until after i make them and they are ready to send to you.
i will post pictures here for you to see.


2nd February 2014, 13:51
Thanks a lot sir.

2nd February 2014, 13:55
i think i should give you the option of another set of cables for machines with video slots not inline with a zorro slot.
this is the reason for the breakaway,some people like me like this option.
this was the reason for asking how long you want the cables.

this option is up to you mate,i just thought it was worth mentioning before i make these.:)

2nd February 2014, 14:06
Thanks a lot, well I currently have only my 4000 with this graphics card that actually uses such cables.

I used to have them but I can not find them anywhere now. I know that after we complete the deal, under a mysterious and totally unexplained situation the originals would show up as well, thanks to Murphy's law, lol.

I kindly thank you but I think I will be ok with one pair.

2nd February 2014, 14:09
no problem,i will make them as requested:)

2nd February 2014, 14:15
Awesome! Thanks.

5th February 2014, 14:05
here are your cables mate,i'll just send you a pm for your name and address for postage:)



i hope you like them.

5th February 2014, 15:28

PM with details sent!

5th February 2014, 19:14
no pm here:lol:

5th February 2014, 21:02
Pm re sent.
Sorry my pm box was full.
Please chrck.

6th February 2014, 10:22
i have posted the cables and sent payment details via pm:)(saves me going back and forth from the post office)

13th February 2014, 16:27
Cables arrived and are working perfectly, leaving feedback. :thumbsup:

Thanks a lot.

13th February 2014, 17:03
no probs,leaving return feedback.