View Full Version : Found Micronik Z-3i MKII (Zorro3 busboard for A1200)

1st February 2014, 11:17
I am looking for Micronik Z3i MK2 to be able to use Cyberstorms in my A1200 in Elbox tower. The best would be the latest version 6.8. I don't need video slot enabler, but the CPU Fast Slot should be tested and working with Cyberstorm PPC.

I can pay with paypal or I can offer something for swap.

2nd February 2014, 23:24
Hello Jack,

I have one that I don't need to use. It's a Micronik Z3 i don't know if it is an "i". IT MUST work. I recently swapt it with an Amibayer against an Indi Mk2. I can send you some pictures. A PSU is included and also a video slot.
I want to sell it because I don't have any courage to boost my Amiga with Zorro ports anymore.


2nd February 2014, 23:38
Hello, thank you ;o)

Could you please send me hi-res photos of it? (we may find the model and revision somewhere on the busboard)
Have you tested it with Cyberstorm MK3/PPC or any A3/4k cpu cards?

6th February 2014, 20:29
PM answered, pictures sent. Payment received. Busboard shipped!