View Full Version : Wanted amiga 4000 Kel Cpu connector Motherboard

2nd February 2014, 00:07
A3000/4000 Motherboard / cpu board connector

i have a 4000 motherboard with a missing cpu connector ....

200 pin KEL connector

Could someone tell me which KEL connector it is and where to buy it

Or maybe someone has a spare one


2nd February 2014, 12:16
This french company seems to sell this kind of connectors:


Look for the 8800 series, the one you are looking for is the part nš: 8807-200-170S-F (8807 type, 200 pin variant)

You'll fin there several PDF catlogs with KEL parts (including that connector) also, But I donīt know if they work with individuals or only with enterprises (i.e. only large stock orders and such).

The english version of their web don't seem to work :blased:

See also this PDF catalog of the 8800 series from kel:


Hope it helps.

3rd February 2014, 21:02
I'll check this out thanks. I hope they sell individual pieces :D

22nd February 2014, 04:30
found it can close thread thanks you all for the help :D

22nd February 2014, 19:39
Nice :)

Do they finally sell it? It may be useful for other people with broken cpu slots.