View Full Version : Wanted A1000 Keys - 1 and ~

4th February 2014, 15:02
As per title. Keycaps only. No springs or anything like that needed. Must be from A1000 keyboard.

Money waiting though I'd like to think it won't cost me much :lol:

I recently picked up an A1000 keyboard that is missing the 1 and the ~ keys from the top left corner. I've got hold of a few odd keys that are from (i think A2000) but they're not the same so they don't fit properly. Basically they're too big so I can only fit the 1 key on, not both. That's better for now as tilde isn't use so much until you start to program!

27th February 2014, 19:23
BUMP - anyone ??

8th April 2014, 10:39
Still looking...