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4th February 2014, 20:56
I've just had a bit of a clear out of my electronic components box in the hope of finding a certain regulator - however, no joy.

I noticed I have a lot of stuff I won't use, or have far too many of, so I'm bobbing them here in the hope someone else will use them. I'm looking for 5 for the lot, plus postage.

Items include:
7 slidy left/right switches (3 contact)
Bag of approx 30 white leds
8 220k pots
Approx 50 100nf capacitors
8 Germanium Diodes
Bunch of cheapo ptm buttons, some larger switches and some regulators
2x RCA sockets (red & white)
8 1k pots & 3 stick things for them
7 50k trimmers
Resistors (at least 50 each of 1k5, 1k2, 6k8
3x 5v relays - 2 most probably from Amstrad CPCs
Collection of diodes
6 rolls of other resistors (probably 50 or so of each)
Bunch of other leds
bunch of UV leds
5x 3 pin fan headers
bag of 10+ black PC Fan/Case screws
Bag of 4 silver pc fan/case screws
Finally, some 5v regulators

Will do pictures if required.

4th February 2014, 21:17
Interested, can you send me payment details, thanks :thumbsup:

PM sent.

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Payment sent with my address details, thanks :thumbsup:

4th February 2014, 21:27
Payment recieved, all packaged up and ready to send :thumbsup:

edit [05FEB14]: Sent today :)

6th February 2014, 17:46
Received this morning, feedback left, thanks :thumbsup: