View Full Version : Sold Assorted Amiga Utility CD-ROMs, inc the AGA Experience & Meeting Pearls

12th April 2010, 19:03
Hi everyone! :D I am selling the following Amiga utility (& misc) CD-ROMs, should anyone be interested :)

- Amiga CD-Sensation Demos Are Forever (missing inserts) - 85p (+1 P&P)

- Meeting Pearls III - 1.20 (+1 P&P)
The third installment of Germany's most popular Amiga CD-ROM collection.
(http://www.vesalia.de/e_meetingpearls3.htm for info)

- Weird Science's In To The Net & Out Of The Net discs (2 discs) - 1.70 (+1 P&P)

- PDSoft's The Sound Library & Graphic Workshop (2 discs) - 1.70 (+1 P&P)
The most comprehensive collection of sound related software and musical data for Amiga, with over 1,000mb of the best quality public domain/shareware software. Works with the PC to some extent.

- PDSoft's Hottest 5 & Hottest 6 CD-ROMs - 2.10 (+1.60 P&P)
These CD-ROMs cover a variety of PD subjects: Games, Mega Demos, AGA, Disk Magazines, Music Titles, Slideshows, Clipart, Fonts, Rave Dance Tracks, Sampled Sounds, Images and many more...

- AGA Experience Vol 2 & AGA Experience Vol 3 - 2.10 (+1.60 P&P)
After the great success of volume one, comes the long awaited and much improved follow-ups! NFA and Sadeness have filled these discs with public domain/shareware software specially for AGA Amigas.

Also, I still have the CDTV disc Pandoras CD for sale in my other thread (http://amibay.com/showthread.php?t=5529), now down to 85p

For any further information feel free to send me a PM! :thumbsup:

13th April 2010, 01:26
I've just found Weird Science's In To The Net & Out Of The Net discs also in the back of the 'Amiga' drawer - now up for sale too :lol:

14th April 2010, 00:50
Pictures also added.

14th April 2010, 13:40
pm sent

14th April 2010, 14:50
Update: Asky has shown an interest in the lot - the transaction is now underway :)

14th April 2010, 14:51
C'mon now Asky1968. :) Which items did you send a PM about?


*EDIT* LOL! Post was updated just as I sent this. :)

14th April 2010, 15:04

Please read this announcement from our News threads.

http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=4407 :readit:

TC :ninja:

14th April 2010, 17:13
yep sorry going to take the lot !!!

17th April 2010, 12:04
this item is now sold - mods, please change title ;)

17th April 2010, 12:09

Thread title changed to 'SOLD' for you,

Will leave the thread open until items dispatched, received & feedback left.

TC :cool:

17th April 2010, 14:54
:Dhi i picked the disks up this morning many thanks

17th April 2010, 16:10
Now it's time for feedback, guy and gal.