View Full Version : Found Keys for Acorn Data Recorder

5th February 2014, 21:40
I am looking for parts for my Acorn ALF03 data recorder. Basically I need 2 keys as 1 snapped and when I tried to glue it the plastic went very soft and floppy so I took off another one to give to a friend who suggested he could get it 3D printed. This did not work out well and the 3D printed keys were unusable and I never got the original key back.

Given that this was one of the best tape decks I've used I'd really like to get it working 100% again

Thanks for looking folks

25th February 2014, 15:02
Hi BB,
I've a few of these at home. Send me your address in a PM and you can have them for the price of the postage.


10th March 2014, 22:08
Got 'em:arms

When you get a tape deck as good as this it needs preserving. There is nothing worse than trying to load stuff on a crappy deck

Cheers Bryce, can't tell you how pleased I am.

Feedback coming your way:thumbsup:

10th March 2014, 22:15
Excellent news :thumbsup:

They are nice recorders indeed.

11th March 2014, 09:17
Glad someone could make use of them. Incoming feedback...