View Full Version : Found Amiga Dos 3.1 and Arexx 31. manual

7th February 2014, 12:48
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for the Amiga Dos 3.1 manual and the Arexx 3.1 manual. Preferably from Amiga Technologies, because my other original manuals are by them, but the Commodore ones will also be great.

Maybe anyone has to sell these?

7th February 2014, 13:03
Hiya! I have these:


all 3 manuals + AmigaDOS reference(?) foldout card are in German and in very good condition, is this what you are looking for?

7th February 2014, 14:13
Yeah, they look great and in German is fine, too. I forgot to write that in my first post.

Would 10,- for all three plus shipping be a reasonable price to you?

7th February 2014, 15:59
yep, as long as you are happy it's fine :)
Will pm you in a little, lemme check postage... they are ~1.250gr

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Money received from oscott , price was sliced to compensate the ridiculous shipping costs , package will be sent on Monday.

edit: manuals received, thread archived