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9th February 2014, 19:00
Selling a fully working Killer Instinct 2 arcade machine.

Contains JAMMA boards and original HDD's for KI1 and KI2.

Has original speakers, side panels with artwork, marquee and control fittings.

Its a beautiful and RARE piece of equipment.

There have been some minor modifications, mainly a board added to the bottom with wheels to move it around easier and a SCART socket added to the wiring to replace the screen easier.

The original screen is fully working, but the board controlling it has a fault somewhere meaning that it doesnt power the screen and blows fuses. I THINK it is a flyback fault which will cost about 50 to replace but there is no guarantee that this will fix the issue.

To find the fault I have replaced the PTC, HOT, rewired, resoldered, cleaned, dusted and more, but I still havent had much luck.

Before collecting, I will have replaced the screen for a fully working TV to be up and running when you get it home.

I am looking for 600 due to mainly original parts and the 2 separate JAMMA boards.

I will take 50 off if you dont want me to include the original screen and board to control it.

You will need a large van and a few guys to come collect it because it weighs at least 200KG. If you cannot get it home, please do not contact me.

It is 42" deep, 29" wide and 74" tall. It is large.

See the video below for more info, another when the final screen is installed.


16th February 2014, 17:59
The machine has now been completed!

Please see the video below:


Spoiler, I still suck at the game.

Also dropped the price to 500 as it really needs to be out the way before my wife gives birth.

20th February 2014, 12:27
Still for sale, still in the way.

Would consider sensible offers

26th April 2014, 12:10
Hello, i would have been interested in this offer but as I'm living i France, it won'tbe easy :/
Anyway, i already have a Killer Instinct arcade machine (yours would have benn for spare).
May ask you how did you changed the original screen to a working TV ? I have 2 screen bords, with one that don't work, the other one has very bright picture (even whith setiingd to the darker).
Thank you very much, and sorry to bother you in your selling thread.

29th November 2016, 14:27

Do you still have this machine