View Full Version : Request CD32 gamepad repair

10th February 2014, 17:30
Hi everyone,

I have this CD32 pad I bought unused from power computing back in late 90s and didn't really used it much until recently. One day "left" and "up" on dpad stopped working and I fixed it by rubbing the contacts with alcohol. Then it happened again and I had to apply a shoddy fix. Today I realized the red button is also dead. It appears that previous cleaning attempts with alcohol left some residue around the contacts and overall, this board is falling apart. Now that I'm convinced I lack the skills to reverse this condition, I decided to ask for professional help. Do you think any of you can fix this? This is my only CD32 gamepad and the case is in very good condition so I'm also thinking about a board replacement if i can find any.

Thanks in advance.

15th February 2014, 18:25
Surely someone can point me to the right direction.:huh: