View Full Version : Closed RGB Cable

4th July 2008, 23:08
Hi there,
Has anyone got a spare RGB cable for sale to connect to my 1084s?
I'm also looking for a suitable RGB port switch, so that I can have my 2000 and 1200 connected to my 1084 and easily switch between them without having to fanny about swapping the cable.

5th July 2008, 01:36
got you covered for when you pop over next m8 :)

5th July 2008, 22:06
Cheers m8, you are a star! I shall bring some beer tokens! 8)
How you fixed for tomorrow evening?

6th July 2008, 00:03

sounds like a plan indeed!!!! what time is good for you :D

6th July 2008, 00:52
The usual, just before 8pm?
I'll give you a ring once I've cleared it with OC Domestic. :wink:
She won't mind, she knows I'm on nights next week, and I need a proper geek out every fortnight or so :mrgreen:

6th July 2008, 02:30
thats exactly what my missues said LOL

sounds like some fun my friend, i look forward to it :)