View Full Version : Closed Red Sony PSP with extras

13th February 2014, 20:42
Hi all

looking to sell my PSP, t'is red with a spare brand new shell, no dead pixels, good screen (sorry the screen is dirty in the pictures) and sound

UMD works as it should as does everything else.

come with new shell, some games and movies, charger, case and docking station with remote. only negatives are that it does not come with a memory card, and the cover that goes over the memory card slot does not fit as nicely as it should (new shell should resolve that though)

looking for 60 plus carriage

cheers, Justin

14th February 2014, 08:20
I have found some earphones and a microsd card adaptor to include with this (I think this lets you use an up to 32GB card, firmware 6.60 Pro-B10) :)

14th February 2014, 08:48
That's not an original shell, is it?

14th February 2014, 08:50
That's not an original shell, is it?

no mate, i replaced the shell as the original was pretty scratched in the screen area

14th February 2014, 08:52
Just thought it worth mentioning to avoid any potential disappointment :)

15th February 2014, 08:51
price drop to 50?

18th February 2014, 07:07
last reduction 40 plus carriage?

18th February 2014, 08:19
What model no. is this? 1000 series?

18th February 2014, 09:32
you know what? i can't remember:), i think it is a 1000 series, how do i check?

18th February 2014, 09:45
Not having the actual sticker, you can identify it by the speaker and mic placement.

Looks like speaker placement gives it away in this case :)


18th February 2014, 09:52
thanks:thumbsup:, yep t'is a 1000 then:)

18th February 2014, 10:18
you can also check by the latch on the umd drive.:)

18th February 2014, 20:04
under the battery cover it says 1003:)